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April 14, 2010

Stephen J. BistritzSelling Software to the C-Suite

There are multiple opportunities for marketers to communicate the value of a software solution to customers - even in a tough economy.

By Stephen J. Bistritz, Selling to the C-Suite co-author

In today's difficult economic climate, communicating the value you bring to a client organization is perhaps even more important than ever. Clients are looking to squeeze every dollar of savings from whatever source they can and the more value they perceive your solution can deliver, the better your odds of having your software solution adopted. Moreover, these same clients are expecting solution providers to quantify the return on investment they could expect to receive by implementing your solution.

So how can you, as a software company, respond?

In the lifecycle of a client engagement, there are multiple opportunities to communicate the value of your software solution to the client. In fact, before you've even started to engage with executives in the client organization you should start thinking about the specific business value your solution provides.


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Quote of the Week

“The psychology and sentiment of entrepreneurs and venture capital investors continues to improve, albeit cautiously."

- CB Insights on the recent VC investment environment

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