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Facts to Know about Trends in Payment Technologies

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

The payment technologies space is one of 2015’s hot areas. This article discusses trends, solutions and the future of payment technologies.

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Mobile Users Need to Speak Up when Unwanted Ads are Pushed to their Phones

TK Keanini, CTO - Lancope

Adware, crimeware, malware, ransomware – all of these will constantly evolve and innovate around the security we put in place in mobile apps. Here’s what you need to do.

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Mobile Payments Security in Western Europe

In this white paper Omlis identifies key issues present in the Western European financial industry’s approach to sustaining profitability and customer loyalty through their mobile and other digital offerings.

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Ask the Experts: Mobile Payment Technologies

Markus Milsted , CEO and founder - Omlis & Oren Levy , CEO - Zooz & Andrew Dailey, Managing Director - MGI Research

Three experts discuss when mPayments technologies will move from their current niche status to mainstream adoption and the biggest factor holding back greater adoption.

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6 Risks Enterprises Face with a Fractured CCI Road Map

Michael Segal, Director of Solutions Marketing - NetScout

Why do enterprises need to develop a coherent collaboration and communications infrastructure plan that outlines a set of procedures and policies for employees to follow?