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08 JANUARY 2014
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Sand Hill 50 “Swift and Strong” in Big Data

Shirish Netke

Shirish Netke, president, Amberoon Inc., and M.R. Rangaswami, co-founder and CEO, Sand Hill Group, created a list of Big Data players based on a simplistic set of criteria summarized in five words: story, ecosystem, insight, cross-industry and influence. The Sand Hill 50 represents a unique set of players of all shapes, sizes and hues that stand out in the crowd.

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Entrepreneur Life Balance

Rajesh SettyThe concept of work-life balance has been and will continue to be debated endlessly. The topic gets more complicated for entrepreneurs, as in many cases their work is their life. Rajesh Setty, president, WittyParrot, presents seven beliefs that will put more balance in the lives of entrepreneurs.

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Tech Founder Growth Tips

Javier RojasHow can founders better position themselves in today’s high-growth market? Javier Rojas, managing director, Kennet Partners, discusses four actions founders need to consider taking and gives three essential ingredients companies need to command high value.

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Leadership Reinvention

Craig MalloyThe need for reinvention is especially true in the disruptive software industry, but what does a leader, leading through reinvention or transformation, need to succeed, besides a vision? Craig Malloy, co-founder and CEO of Bloomfire, offers tried-and-proven advice for reinventing a company or career.

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Semantic Web 3.0 Disrupts

Charles SilverThe Web as we know it is evolving to something radically different: the Semantic Web. Algebraix Data Corp. CEO Charles Silver offers a glimpse of what Web 3.0 will look like and gives his opinion on why it will be even more disruptive than Web 1.0 and what creative destruction it will likely cause.

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What Your Colleagues and Competitors Read

Kickstart 2014 by making sure you didn't miss the most popular articles and insights published on in 2013 — according to your colleagues and competitors. Here are the Top 10 Most-Read and Top 10 Most-Shared articles by SandHill visitors in the past 12 months. (And if you didn't see our newsletter over the past two weeks, click here for the Editor's Picks and Publisher's Picks for best articles in 2013.)
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