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28 MARCH 2012
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Cloud M.R. Rangaswami
Sand Hill Group Study Finds Massive Job Creation Potential through Cloud Computing

By M.R. Rangaswami, Sand Hill Group

I was recently in Washington, D.C., talking about jobs in the cloud. Sand Hill Group had the opportunity to work with SAP America, Inc. to study the jobs issue from several angles across key business segments. We were able to quantify the job creation potential through cloud computing and presented the findings in a white paper. We concluded that, as cloud computing transforms the entire IT landscape, it will also be a powerful catalyst for generating hundreds of thousands of net new jobs in the United States and worldwide. Read an overview in this article and download the white paper for more details.

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Michael Skok Open Source
Cloud and Innovation Driving Use of Open Source Software

By Kathleen Goolsby, Editor,

What’s happening with the next-generation of open source as it impacts users, applications and infrastructure? Has your company changed its mindset around open source? Michael Skok, General Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners, shares insights on open source trends so far this year.

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Take 5 minutes to take the Future of Open Source Survey

Together with Black Duck Software and 451 Research, North Bridge is now conducting the 6th annual Open Source Survey, and is a collaborator on the survey. This year’s survey focuses on the next generation of open source topics such as community-driven innovation and vertical industry adoption.

North Bridge and Black Duck will jointly lead the Future of Open Source keynote panel on opening day of the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC), May 21, to discuss the survey results. The keynote panel will include: Michael Skok, General Partner North Bridge, Tim Yeaton, CEO Black Duck Software, Tom Erickson, CEO Acquia, and more.

Get a 20% discount on your OSBC conference fee by taking the open source survey.

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Benchmarking Drives Faster Growth of Software and SaaS Companies
Have you ever felt that critical executive or board-level decisions about sales spend, performance targets and other business drivers are based on anecdotes and emotion more than data? Find out how vendors are benefiting in making complex decisions from benchmarking their performance.

Three Tips for Building a Better Business in a Fluid Market
Success or failure depends on a company leader’s ability to make complex decisions while leading the organization through a remarkably fluid business environment. Savvy execs use these three strategies to help their businesses thrive.

The Changing Venture Capital Landscape
With a growing opportunity for investors to construct optimal portfolios by better assessing risk opportunities across the entire venture capital class, investors are turning to the expertise, knowledge and resources that Fund of Funds (FoFs) firms provide. 

Hey! You! Get Onto My Cloud: A Pioneer’s Take on What’s Changed
The author of “Hey! You! Get Onto My Cloud” discusses what’s happened in cloud computing since he wrote the book.

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