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How to Avoid Negative Cash Flow and Churn in SaaS Offerings

Preciouse Gross, Community Manager - BlueSnap

Asking five questions when structuring your SaaS product can reduce the risk of falling into an extended period of negative cash flow.

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Q&A with Gainsight on Driving Customer Success in Recurring-Revenue Software Companies

Nick Mehta, CEO - Gainsight

Through unique data science knowledge, visualization, workflow and integration with native CRM platforms, this solution drives measurable improvements in churn rate and up-sell velocity.

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Retail Operations: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Craig Beddis, Chief Marketing Officer - Automic

Automation enables retailers to manage time-consuming administration and routine maintenance tasks that eat into IT resources, freeing staff to focus on innovation, the key driver for success.

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Avangate’s Commerce-as-a-Service Offering Simplifies Software and SaaS Sales and Marketing

Carl Theobald, CEO - Avangate

This sales solution helps software and SaaS companies achieve faster time to market with flexible new offerings that focus on customer-oriented value.

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KnowledgeTree Enables Sales Teams to Discover Content That Wins Deals

Daniel Chalef, CEO - KnowledgeTree

This cloud-based product provides sales enablement tools that erase the divide between sales and marketing by delivering the right marketing content to sales, making both teams more effective.