How Lopsided Agility Ruins Companies

Baba Prasad, Business Strategy & Innovation Expert

An excerpt from the new book, Nimble: Make Yourself and your Company Resilient in the Age of Constant Change, shows how Groupon’s lack of visionary agility damaged its long-term prospects.

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Did Apple Just Blow a Trillion-Dollar Category?

Christopher Lochhead, Host - Legends & Losers

In a battle of Goliath vs. Goliath, Amazon may have dealt a death blow to Apple’s aspirations of leading the smart home market.

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Disruption Amazon Style: Lessons from the Masters - Part IV Value Delivery Systems

Chris Kocher, Co-Founder and Managing Director - Grey Heron

Delivering on delivery is Amazon’s superpower. Here’s an examination of the company’s latest value-driving initiatives.

AI is Driving the Transformation of Retail

Shailendra Kumar, VP and Chief Evangelist, Analytics | Leonardo - SAP

Here is a closer look at five use cases that demonstrate the innovations helping retailers improve the shopping experience for their customers.

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Fueling Conversations in an Account-Driven World

Britton Manasco, Co-founder - Visible Impact

A three-point strategy for creating the sales-ready messaging and content that are critical in this “retro yet revolutionary” sales strategy.