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How Lopsided Agility Ruins Companies

An excerpt from the new book, Nimble: Make Yourself and your Company Resilient in the Age of Constant Change, shows how Groupon’s lack of visionary agility damaged its long-term prospects.

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Fueling Conversations in an Account-Driven World

A three-point strategy for creating the sales-ready messaging and content that are critical in this “retro yet revolutionary” sales strategy.

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M.R Asks 3 Questions: Brian Burt, Co-Founder & CEO, CANOPY Management

With the anticipation that reaching customers online is going to be more expensive for the foreseeable future, here are the suggestions CEO, Brian Burt, has to help e-commerce businesses optimize and increase their conversion rates. The first step? Go lower in your sales funnel....

Top Social Media Tips for Execs

The former Chief Digital Officer for New York City shares advice for how business leaders can best manage their personal media outlets.

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