2019 KBCM Technology Group Private SaaS Company Survey

"As the SaaS industry continues to become more sophisticated, operators and investors are looking more closely at performance-driving metrics," said David Spitz, managing director of KBCM's Technology Group and primary author of the survey.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Tim McCormick, CEO, SaaSOptics

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

SaasOptics CEO, Tim McCormick has seen his share of businesses go from start-up to acquisition. Having helped businesses like ISS grow from $5M to over $400M and helped their IBM acquisition for $1.9B, he's the right person to detail how SaaS businesses can either misstep or experience rapid growth.

Where to find SaaS Benchmarks across the Customer LifeCycle? (3 FAQ's)

Ray Rike, Founder & CEO - RevOps Squared

Where do you find SaaS operational benchmarks? How accurate and statistically valid are the available benchmarks? And how do you benchmark KPI’s without spending too much time and money? Ray Rike has answers.

SaaS Key Performance Indicator Index - An Operational Perspective

Ray Rike, Founder & CEO - RevOps Squared

SEG Snapshot: 2Q19 SaaS M&A Update

The first half of 2019 ended on a strong note as the overall software M&A industry maintained its bullish trend. The SaaS M&A market followed suit, as each of the past four quarters surpassed 250 transactions.