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April 2, 2014
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Managing Risks in e-Discovery & Data Retention

John Montana

John Montaña, Principal
Montaña & Associates

Companies of all sizes are at risk for extravagant costs in producing documents in the e-discovery process of lawsuits as well as risks in non-compliance with thousands of legal requirements governing hundreds of different kinds of data sets. Mapping laws and requirements to data sets is an extremely complex process. Khoste, just released as a SaaS product, now simplifies that process and manages risks.

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Chasm Group Evolves Tech Adoption Cycle


Chasm Group has evolved its thinking on how technology adoption operates, especially for Web-based apps and social media. Check out this article and video explaining the activities in each component of its new Four Gears Model.

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Disruption in Marketing Content

Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson, Vice President

We live in a document-based, cut-and-paste world, but it has profound limitations when it comes to effective messaging in the sales and marketing world. However, Intelligent Reusable Content is a “black swan” that is set to disrupt the way people create and consume content.

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ETL Processes with Data Virtualization

Paul Moxon

Paul Moxon, Senior Director, Product Management
Denodo Technologies

ETL has been the workhorse of data-integration strategies for years, but business needs have moved beyond the capabilities of most ETL products. What do we do with the existing processes? This article discusses why organizations are enhancing them with other technologies such as data virtualization.

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Take the Right Risks to Earn a Home Run

Hayes Drumwright

Hayes Drumwright, Founder and CEO

An Intel case study demonstrates that even the best-run companies can lose focus when the leadership team feels a sense of entitlement without taking the requisite risks. This article shares how to avoid entitlement in a team and gives advice for powerful leadership home runs.

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Business Intelligence Tips for Success

Howard Dresner

Howard Dresner, President and Founder
Dresner Advisory Services

What makes business intelligence initiatives and technology succeed or fail? This discussion covers BI dos and don’ts and what to do with BI users that are often considered troublemakers.

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Achieving Product-Market Fit


This briefing, shared by Chasm Group, is an overview of Nest’s winning three-pronged market development strategy used to sell one million smart-home thermostat units.

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