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02 JULY 2013
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Risk Analytics Solutions

Kirk WylieThe OpenGamma Platform is a transparent system for real-time risk management and analytics for financial institutions. Chairman and co-founder Kirk Wylie discusses product differentiation, innovation competitive advantages from open source software and upcoming changes in risk-analytics solutions.

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Hedge Fund IT Outsourcing

Chris GrandiWhy do many hedge funds optimize operations with outsourced solutions? Chris Grandi, CEO of cloud IaaS provider Abacus Group, talks about cloud trends in this financial services segment and how hedge funds rely heavily on technology since investment markets are now largely electronic operations.

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Startups: SandHill Wants Your Opinion!


Our startup survey is closing on July 10 — don’t miss the opportunity to add to the discussion. SandHill is pleased to partner with Silicon Marketing Strategies on a survey of founders and CEOs who have launched at least one startup. Most questions are scaling questions (such as “On a scale of 1 to 10 …”), so you should breeze through the survey in a few minutes.

The results of the survey will be published on Silicon Marketing Strategies’ Marketing Memos blog and on once the survey closes.

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This Week's Sponsor: NetSuite


NetSuiteNetSuite Inc. is a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites. NetSuite enables companies to manage core key business operations in a single system, which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce. NetSuite's "real-time dashboard" technology provides an easy-to-use view into up-to-date, role-specific business information.