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Top 5 Things to Consider for Business File Sharing

Jim Liddle, CEO - Storage Made Easy

File sharing is a key part of a company’s ability to collaborate and share corporate data. Here’s how to ensure information is protected and secure during the sharing process.

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AllRounds Integrated Private Capital Analytics System Solves Value Calculation and Accounting Challenges for Investors and Startups

Jamie Cohan, Founder, CEO - AllRounds

Investors, startups/entrepreneurs and lawyers encounter many challenges with the financial integrity of valuation and accounting of investing in the private securities market. This platform reduces complexity in the end-to-end process and enables better decision making to reduce risks and increase opportunities.

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Ensuring Responsible Open Source Use with Software Audits

Lacey Thoms, Marketing Specialist - Protecode

Organizations rely increasingly on code re-use to keep up with customer demand and maximize quality. This article discusses how to reduce risks associated with intellectual property issues.

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Minneapolis Partners with Unisys to Create Secure Mobile Environment for iPads

Otto Doll, CIO - City of Minneapolis

Here’s the story of successfully developing corporate policies around security and privacy risks from employee-owned mobile devices.

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XBRL and Interoperability: How Standards-Based Technology Creates Value

Greg Carter, CTO - EDGAR Online

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format creates a lot of value for organizations. It facilitates exchanging business information between business systems and supports initiatives to enter new markets. It may also be one of the first embodiments of a semantic Web.