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August 11, 2009

Subraya Mallya

Reducing the Cost of SaaS Implementations

Customers need vendors to work harder to alleviate the cost and stress associated with SaaS deployments. Here’s what needs to be done.

By Subraya Mallya, FOYOPA

In the on-premise enterprise software world, I have seen many software implementations go awry despite ballooning implementation expenditures. Customers never see their ROI until many years into the implementation, by which time they are so deep into upgrades, manpower turnover, shrinking IT budgets, IT organizational fiefdom - you get the picture - that ROI is the last thing on their mind.

As the customer struggles, the software vendor bears very little risk. The company has pocketed the license dollars and issued the press release on the customer acquisition.

With SaaS, the tables are turned. The SaaS software vendors (to their own detriment) have perpetuated this notion that, with SaaS, implementation will be effortless. But as we all know, enterprise software implementation is much more than just installing the software. Vendors must work harder to reduce deployment cost and improve ROI for their customers. Here’s how.


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Parting Thought

“In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”
— Chester L. Karrass

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