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April 17, 2006

Erik Keller

Pushing a “Pull Model”

Are you ready to give away software and fire your sales organization? It might be time to flip the current “broken” enterprise software model from a sales-oriented push to a customer-oriented pull.

By Erik Keller, Wapiti LLC

“Why do software companies need a sales force?” complained Hasso Plattner, then CEO (currently the supervisory board chairman) of SAP in the early spring of 1998. “If customers just looked things up on the Web and talked to some of our people over the phone, they would figure out that we had what they needed and that would be that.”

While this statement by Plattner is open to all sorts of interpretation, it may be the most succinct and directionally accurate statement of how the software industry needs to change in the coming years.

There is a huge consensus that the enterprise-software industry business model is broken; there is no consensus, however, on how it should be fixed. Common wisdom states that all software will be consolidated around a few mega players such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. But these mega players hardly represent the diversity of functional solutions, vertical and niche markets, innovation and business processes that are fulfilled by a growing base of companies. Yet most of these smaller companies struggle in today’s market.

Given this harsh reality, it is likely then that simple tweaks will not fix today’s business model problems and that a radical restructuring is required. And that radical restructuring may involve changing the metrics of corporate success so that rather than pushing products out to the market companies rethink their strategies and pull customers in.


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