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November 17, 2010

Mark LivingstonPredicting the Future of Work

A new study analyzes the confluence of technologies, economies and generations and predicts the rising importance of virtual collaboration and a new role for enterprise CIOs.

By Mark Livingston, Cognizant Business Consulting

A confluence of forces, some old, some new, is pushing companies to change how they work. Globalization, powered by new communications tools, has broadened their reach. Technologies such as cloud computing are allowing organizations to restructure operations.

At the same time, a new generation of technically savvy workers is working its way up the ranks, further exposing companies to transformative technologies like social media. For some firms, particularly those that operate in many locations, new ways of organizing work that take advantage of knowledge sharing can be an effective response to these business shifts.

CIOs who combine technological expertise with a broad, strategic view of the business have an opportunity to lead their organizations’ adoption of new work approaches. They bring technological clout to what is fundamentally a cultural transformation of the company. They can do so because they are intimately involved in corporate strategy, which gives them a rare top-to-bottom perspective.


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Poll: Future of Work?

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Quote of the Week

“I don’t think people figured out how much more powerful the mobile devices would become than desktops.”

- Google CEO Eric Schmidt on keeping users connected via mobile devices

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