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March 19, 2007

M. R. Rangaswami

Powered by Innovation

The software industry has entered a new spectrum of innovation that will create the foundation for value in the next era.

By M.R. Rangaswami, Sand Hill Group

When you think of “innovation,” what companies come to mind?

Apple might be near the top of the list. Nike. Google. Procter & Gamble. Southwest Airlines, perhaps. But would any enterprise software companies appear?

A few years ago, I would have wagered against it. Enterprise software companies have not historically been thought of as innovative. Although their products were very often unique and built to deliver new functionality to businesses, the companies did not innovate quickly and their business models were intransigent.

Today, everything has changed. Software’s concept of innovation has broadened far beyond that of a novel application. Today, innovation in business models, delivery methods, marketing, development and customer care is the rule for software success – not the exception.

The software industry is powered by innovation. The next generation of successful software vendors will think about innovation holistically and will work with their customers to foster innovation throughout their business.


Learn Innovation from Motorola’s CEO

Ed Zander, the chairman and CEO of Motorola, will be one of the visionary keynote speakers at Software 2007. Don’t miss what Ed says his innovation-driven company has in store for the coming year. Register now to attend the conference May 8-9 in Santa Clara, Calif. and qualify for a special rate which enables you to bring 3 colleagues at no extra cost!

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What Do Open Source Customers Really Want?

Red Hat recently announced their intent to support open source applications. Bill Marshall of rPath says this is a poor indication of the state of the software industry. Read why Billy says more support is not the answer in this week’s post to the Blog on open source.

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Parting Thought

"Ignore everybody. The more original your idea is, the less good advice other people will be able to give you."
–Hugh Macleod

Courtesy of Malcolm Kusher, The Kushner Group