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Groundbreaking Technology Provides Continuous Availability During Cloud Outages

Cary Breese, CEO - GenieDB

Cloud outages are inevitable, but this globally distributed solution that employs NewSQL technology can easily mitigate the impacts they have on availability.

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Conversation with Cloudera on Hadoop and Big Data Trends

Charles Zedlewski, Vice President, Products - Cloudera

Cloudera recently bolstered the security aspects of its Hadoop platform and also introduced advancements in the platform’s search functionality for structured and unstructured data.

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Time to Bid Farewell to Custom Code and Manual Data Integration

Betsy Bilhorn, VP of Product - Scribe Software

In the past, integration offerings were fewer, expensive and required senior-level technology skills to implement and maintain. But in recent years the landscape of integration offerings has radically changed.

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Tips on Selecting Quality Assurance Automation Software Tools

Francisco Barquero, Quality Assurance Engineer - Avantica Technologies

Software test automation cuts costs and reduces software product time to market through maximizing test coverage, but there are important questions to answer before investing in QA tools.

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Should You Design your SaaS as a Single Page Application?

Paul Giurata, Managing Partner - Catalyst Resources

Redesigning page-driven Web applications as Single Page Applications can address the need for low latencies, sophistication of features and simplicity of design.