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05 FEBRUARY 2014
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Pervasive Commerce Tech

Sanjay ParthasarathyWearables, the Internet of Things and micro-area networks are enabling pervasive computing. Sanjay Parthasarathy, Indix founder and CEO, discusses how pervasive computing is ushering in a consumer-centric era of commerce and infinite-channel retailing — with limitless potential but some challenges.

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Dresner Mobile BI Study

Howard DresnerDresner Advisory Services’ 2013 Wisdom of Crowds® Mobile Computing / Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study shows that opinions have changed in the past year in the debates on best practices and preferences in several mobility issues. Howard Dresner, president and founder, discusses the findings.

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Customer Data Integration

Betsy BilhornBetsy Bilhorn, VP of product, Scribe Software, discusses key factors when mapping out a data integration strategy and choosing a vendor. She also discusses cloud CRM integration and gives an example of how an integration platform met the needs of a large lighting franchise operation.

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Startup Plan for Success

Jim MorrisroePiston Cloud CEO Jim Morrisroe knows that running a company is challenging and additionally taking over leadership from a founding CEO requires building products, finding customers, preserving a vision, nurturing passion — and a plan. He offers advice for world domination 90 days at a time.

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Crank Up Software Sales

Jeff OgdenHow can your company close more deals and make your aggressive numbers? Jeff Ogden, founder and president, Find New Customers, shares a radical idea on what you can do instead of selling. He also urges companies to do five things in 2014.

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Notable Quote

question mark icon"I cringe when I hear Marc Andreessen talk about software..."


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New White Paper — PersisTrends: Technology Trends and Recommendations ReportCloud computing, mobile, analytics and social technologies will form the backbone of next-generation products and enterprise applications. This paper from Persistent Systems provides guidance on the technologies that ISVs and enterprises should adopt, evaluate for future use or retire over the next six months to two years. It also explores tech trends in the telecom and media, banking and healthcare verticals and includes information on M2M networking and Internet of Things, 3D printing/scanning and unified communications.

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