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“Fortune 500 CIO” Is Not a Target Market

Treating the CIO buyer as a single, homogeneous demographic is a ridiculously ineffective and costly way to build relationships and drive revenue growth. There are actually four distinct CIO types, each with different motivations for buying IT.

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“Value" Remains Most Significant Sales Challenge

Sales still remains challenged to add value during the sales process, and prove the value of proposed solutions to ever more empowered, skeptical and frugal executives, this according to a significant study by Blue-Sky, a UK sales performance consultancy. The new independent survey of 212 sales executives worldwide uncovered significant sales challenges.

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The Big O - Outcome Selling

Today's buyer is more empowered, skeptical and frugal than ever before, providing a great challenge to sales professionals and shaking the very foundations of traditional selling models. At Alinean, we have coined this new B2B challenge as Frugalnomics.

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Five Rules for Software Sales Discussions

A software customer spends a lot of money up front on the software with no real guarantee of success, or even that they really understand how to use the software properly and how it fits into the business and infrastructure. Whether operating in the cloud or not, one thing both sides should consider is a shift in the way they deal with each other - a shift to value-based discussions.

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The New Era of Cloud-Powered Services

Despite the fact that software vendors want to realize the full potential of their service revenue, many are still underachieving, leaving significant revenue, profits and earnings on the table every quarter. A sizable chasm separates those vendors that have deployed leading-edge strategies to maximize service revenues and those who are simply taking a "business as usual" — or a "business as 10 years ago"—approach to the service opportunity.