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Internal Communications: Three Questions to Ask Before You Hit “Send”

H.E. James

Ask yourself these three questions before sending, publishing or presenting any internal communication to help you be a more effective communicator.

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A PreReview of 2016 in Global Business and Technology

Shirish Netke, President and CEO - Amberoon Inc.

This “PreReview” for 2016 looks at global scenarios of the future in business and technology.

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Why More CEOs Need Better Communication with their IT Departments

Lloyd Marino, CEO - Avetta

Many CEOs distance themselves from technology. Here are three ways A CEO can become more tech savvy for the well-being of the company.

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The Ultimate Caveat for Software Executives and Millennials

S.V. Executive, CEO - Software Company

A CEO shares his signature tricks for getting things done for decades, warns against doing the same, and gives advice on a better way.

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Three Reasons Non-Techies Make the Best Tech Entrepreneurs

Kurt Johnson, CEO - HammerDirect, LLC

Many non-techies, such as Steve Jobs, have been successful in the tech world. This article discusses why non-techies can have a competitive edge over their techie, hacker/coder counterparts.