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01 MAY 2013
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OSS Collaboration Trends

Tim YeatonThe recent 2013 Future of Open Source survey, hosted by North Bridge Venture Partners and Black Duck Software, revealed a high degree of change in the industry over the past year. Black Duck’s president and CEO discusses the trends and future direction his company sees in the market.

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Disruptive Innovation

Russell RothsteinSoftware startups and established companies dream of disruptive innovation, but how do you succeed in upending market leaders? The CEO at IT Central Station, which offers software and hardware product user reviews, discusses four essential components of his company’s DNA for disruptive innovation.

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Manage Cloud Agility

John VincenzoCloud computing has evolved significantly during the past year. How can a company truly benefit from its promise of faster time to service? The VP of marketing at cloud provider Embrane discusses infrastructure changes that need to occur, the latest cloud trends and the cloud’s future.

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Social Selling Tips

Jon FerraraHow are social networking sites changing the game for sales? The founder and CEO of Nimble, Inc. explains what makes these sites a solid gold opportunity, including the reach of social channels and the culture of sharing. He shares three main ways for salespeople to prepare for social selling.

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IT & NFL: Parallel Worlds

Michael TweddleMuch like the NFL draft, an IT department needs to complete specific steps when moving from one platform version to another, regardless of whether it is on-premises to on-premises or on-premises to the cloud. Here is Dell Software Group’s advice on four important steps.

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In-Memory White Paper

White paperOne of the biggest issues with business intelligence adoption is poor query performance. This SiSense whitepaper outlines why In-Memory technology has become a great alternative approach for delivering best performance on analytical queries while requiring fewer resources to deploy.

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