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13 MARCH 2013
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Open Source Power

Chris LatterellOpen-Xchange’s VP of marketing discusses where OSS needs to focus over the next three years to provide more value. The Internet continues to drive new industries and connect value chains at exponential rates, and costs are driving businesses to search for non-proprietary ways of remaining agile.

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Blueseed’s Innovation

Kathleen GoolsbyHow can startups and entrepreneurs outside of the United States have access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem without a U.S. work visa? Blueseed’s president talks about creating a blueprint for high-tech startup success and about changing the way non-tech businesses around the world solve problems.

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Cloud Resource Criteria

WILLIAM MARTINEZThere are abstraction, communication, governance, security and size criteria related to the cloud, which differ for cloud resources as a service instead of on premises. Avantica Technologies discusses these criteria, their restrictions and how they affect system design.

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Content Extraction Solution

Aruna SchwarzThe CEO of Stelae Technologies discusses its content extraction and automated conversion solution and shares product development advice for first-time entrepreneurs and startup CEOs.

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BI Tools Approach

Howard DresnerThis Dresner Advisory Services blog points out that an organization’s management team’s approach to adopting BI tools leads to the potential outcome of success or failure in making better business decisions based on BI information.


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Notable Quote

question mark icon“I’m not a believer in the lean-startup theory once you get traction. That’s fine when you’re throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks. But once you know...”

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The Cloud Analytics Summit (May 2, 2013, New York City) is an executive forum focused on the latest innovations enabling organizations to address their Big Data, business intelligence and data integration challenges in the cloud.  The Summit is hosted by THINKstrategies, the Cloud Computing Showplace and Rising Tide Media.

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  • Keynote presentation: Stephen David Spears, SVP, Application, ADI & IT Management, SAP AG
  • Bill Krivoshik, SVP and CIO, Time Warner Inc.
  • Michael Hickins, Senior Editor, Wall Street Journal CIO Journal
  • Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger, 37-year veteran at IBM
  • David Roth, Founder/CEO, AppFirst
  • Mark Cunningham, Founder/CEO, Indicee
  • Richard Dale, Managing Director, Big Data Boston Ventures
  • Russell Hertzberg, Vice President Technology Solutions, SoftServe Inc.

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