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26 NOVEMBER 2013
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Software Difference Makers’ Perspectives

Kathleen Goolsby

In this SandHill interview, software companies reshaping the industry answer these questions and more: What software aspects will be on companies’ radar screens by the end of 2014? What software industry event during 2013 will have the most significant impact in 2014-2015? What should change about the software industry?

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Bigger Cloud Marketplace

Jeff KaplanJeffrey M. Kaplan, managing director, THINKstrategies, comments on the recent Dreamforce conference, including’s alliance with HP, its new marketing mantra and Salesforce1, the company’s new vendor-centric platform.

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Year of Big Sensor Data

Stefan GroschupfStefan Groschupf, CEO, Datameer, discusses why he believes the next generation of Big Data use cases will revolve around making sense of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help optimize manufacturing processes or improve products with the objective of making money by saving time and reducing costs.

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Refresh your Browser for Enhancements to SandHill Site


Sandhill EnhancementsWe've made some enhancements to the site, and you may need to refresh your browser and delete your browser history for some of the changes to display correctly.

Check out the changes:

  • We added "Blog" and "Other Topics in the dropdown menu under the "Hot Topics" tab
  • News You Can Use section in the upper right of all pages (click on the blue bar on the home page; it's already expanded on other pages)
  • Exec Briefings (in the dropdown menu under the "News & Resources" tab) replaces our former White Papers section and now accommodates PowerPoint slides, case studies and other materials

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ServiceSourceActian Corporation enables organizations to transact, analyse and take action on big data. Actian is the first to unveil a cloud development platform for building Action Apps, lightweight consumer-style applications that automate actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian also incites action for 10,000 customers worldwide with Vectorwise, the world’s fastest and most cost-effective analytical database, and Ingres, the mission-critical OLTP database. Actian is headquartered in California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Melbourne. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.