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Technology Service Providers Moving to Relationship Model in Digital Customer Revolution

Graham Clark, Vice President Global Head, Customer Experience Management - Mphasis

Company executives say they are looking for these 11.5 key principles from their technology service providers today.

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Venture-Backed Software Startups Leverage “NearAgile” Engineering Services for Rapid Growth

John Hitchcock, Director - Avantica Technologies

Many software startups turn to nearshore services partners in Costa Rica, Peru and other Latin American countries. Here are the benefits.

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How IT Exchanges Bridge the Gap between SMBs and IT Service Providers

Sanjeev Kapoor, Founder & CEO - IT Exchange

SMBs have many outsourcing challenges, but here’s how using a curated marketplace helps them access quality services without breaking the bank.

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Q&A with Total Defense CEO on Trends in Cloud-Based Security Services

Paul Lipman, CEO - Total Defense

How can you protect your organization from cybercrime, malware and digital threats? This unified service protects the Web, email and device vectors.

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How to Preserve and Increase the Relevancy of IT Application Development in the 21st Century

Ray Payette, SVP, Services, Engineering and Operations - Blueprint

A look at seven of the most common pain points in application development, the impact they have and possible ways they can be fixed.