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March 10, 2010

Brian GentileNew Leaders in Open Source

A new economic reality is driving adoption of open source principles and creating opportunity for a new set of players in the coming years.

By Brian Gentile, Jaspersoft

The economic challenges of 2009 will not be soon forgotten. In the information technology market, there are a number of companies borrowing, cashing out or just holding tight. But, I believe we will start to see a real recovery in 2010 - and the IT industry will then forever work within a new economic reality.

Driven by this new economic psyche, CIOs will act differently. In the coming year, I expect open source principles to become even more mainstream, and I predict there will be a new set of open source leaders and newcomers to usher in the next era of IT.


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Steve Jobs: Make Room

Vinnie Mirchandani

Vinnie Mirchandani of Deal Architect looks at the debut of the Bloom Box and its implications for the future of software and technology innovation. Read more about why Apple may soon become an “also-ran” in this post to the Blog, Software 2020.

Churn Prevention – Effective SaaS Tech Support

Lee Weiner of LogMeIn explains the heightened importance of solving customer problems quickly in the SaaS world. Read more about how churn prevention strategies can help improve customer relationships in this post to the Blog on service and support best practices.

The Week in the Cloud:

March 5, 2010

Kamesh Pemmaraju

Kamesh Pemmaraju recaps the latest news, deals and thought leadership in the cloud computing space. Read this week’s post on RSA conference highlights, the new Cloud Security Alliance and Steve Ballmer’s proclamation about a cloud-based future for MS Office.

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Poll: The Economy-Open Source Connection?

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  1. Forrester Research explains why businesses still hate enterprise software. (InfoWorld)
  2. VCs push StartUp Visa act to help foreign entrepreneurs remain in U.S., create jobs. (BusinessWeek)
  3. The Next Big Thing: The Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies. (WSJ)
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The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: Google announces business app store for Google Apps.

VC Activity: PanTerra lands $4 million for cloud SaaS products.

M&A Deals: Google buys DocVerse, maker of MS Office plugin.

Executive Moves: AppDynamics names Frank Swain senior VP of worldwide sales.

Quote of the Week

"We believe that the concerns related to cost of ownership are primarily due to the installations of on-premises packaged applications, where internal support requirements and vendor maintenance contracts are a significant burden to IT shops, often causing other projects to take the back seat."

- Forrester Research principal analyst Paul Hamerman in a new report on customer feelings on enterprise software.

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