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August 14 , 2006

Chris Traub

Must-Haves for Leading in Asia

Software vendors who are offshoring work or marketing products in the worldís most-populous and fastest-growing region must stay focused to stay ahead.

By Chris Traub, Strategic Executive Search

The world is becoming ever smaller ñ and the business world is leading the charge. Software is as global an industry as any, and in many ways, leads the charge to leverage new manufacturing centers and new product markets in emerging regions of the world.

Asia today is at the top of the list of global priorities for many software companies. The largest software vendors have significant operations in multiple Asian nations, and emerging competitors are looking to Asia earlier than they used to.

More and more software vendors seek not only to send product development work offshore, but also to leverage a global development cycle ñ very often based or anchored in Asia. At the same time, new opportunities to market products to the burgeoning populations and unique markets in Asia, continues to be a compelling avenue of growth for software vendors worldwide.

It is possible to succeed in Asia with a good understanding of its regional intricacies. In order to lead in Asia, however, it is critical to set forth strong leadership in a culturally-sensitive manner.


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ìLeadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.î
ñDwight Eisenhower

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