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How Co-Innovation Delivers ROI in Software Product Development

K. D. Singh, VP & Vertical Head, Computing - Wipro

How does a co-innovation strategy for R&D produce greater value and what type of company is the ideal partner for co-innovation?

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Transforming from a Hardware Manufacturer to a Software and Services Provider

Mark Bishof, CEO - Flexera Software

There are a lot of things a company has to do to make the transformation from a hardware-centric model to a more software-oriented one. Here are the core requirements to consider.

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Right-Time Revenue Optimization: The Big Data Opportunity for Marketing

Joe Cordo, CMO - Extraprise

Many software vendors struggle with driving revenue performance and applying data growth to drive buying behavior through the customer life cycle.

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Optimizing Recurring Service Revenue: Eight Questions CFOs Should Ask

Mike Smerklo, CEO - ServiceSource

CFOs often assume that service revenue is like the weather: there's not much they can do to influence it. But seemingly high renewal rates can mask serious problems - not to mention opportunities to increase service revenue performance. Here are eight questions CFOs should ask to increase renewal rates.

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Think Monetization Before Enforcement with Subscription Software Licensing Models

Cris Wendt, Principal Strategy Consultant - Flexera Software

There are cases where we find that a subscription software license model is a perfect fit for the business, yet the software vendor is reluctant to adopt it. The argument I often hear can be paraphrased as, "Yes, it's the perfect model, but we can't have our software stop running because a license key expired. Our customer's business can't go down." This is a case of backward thinking.