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02 NOVEMBER 2011
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Business Intelligence Decisions and Directions

By Donald Farmer, VP, Product Management, QlikView

Optimized collaborative business intelligence software: taking your colleagues on a collaborative journey with you.

Traditional collaboration tools: like sending postcards back home when you see something interesting.

What makes the difference?

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Q&A of M.R. Rangaswami on NASSCOM's 2011 Product Enclave

NASSCOM's Product Conclave gets underway in Bangalore in a few weeks and the theme for this year's conference is Forces@Work. The theme dwells on myriad forces that need to work in concert for an enterprise to be truly successful – be it marketing, leadership, clarity of vision or a magnetic work culture that attracts great people.

The NASSCOM EMERGE newsletter team spoke with M. R. Rangaswami, one of the founders of the Silicon Valley-based Sand Hill Group, who is also one of the curators of this edition of the Conclave to understand what is in store for delegates at the 2011 event.

NASSCOM: To step back towards the market big picture, as someone who has been tracking the space for a long time, do you believe that Indian product companies are at the inflection of multi-fold growth (in revenue and numbers)?

MR: I believe that the Indian growth story is not going to happen the traditional way by selling software licenses. In revenue terms, the numbers may not be very large initially. In fact, I think we are going to need new metrics of success – such as the number of customers, the usage level of products – hopefully, some of these will be discussed at the Conclave.

In terms of the inflection point, I think we are getting to it, we are getting there.

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Sales & Marketing
Risky Business: Three Ways to Convince Customers You Are Worth the Investment

By Tom Pisello, CEO, Alinean

Is your startup sales team struggling to answer potential customers' concerns like these?

  • Your business is new. How do I know it won't be acquired or go out of business?
  • What if your business can't scale up later and adequately support our needs?

Here's how to walk them through the risk scenarios and overcome their objections.

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Key Considerations in Developing Mobile Applications

By Kathleen Goolsby, Editor,

What would you do if your customer base demanded an innovative end-to-end workflow system for iPads – but it can’t be simply a mobile version of your existing application, plus there are unique security challenges, and you absolutely have to deliver it at a trade show in six months or lose an enormous amount of money?

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