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June 30, 2010

Rob BernshteynMaking Cents in the Cloud

Innovative software that leverages cloud technology is enabling companies to get smarter about spending.

By Rob Bernshteyn, Coupa

There’s been lots of buzz around cloud computing applications - including right here on The advantages for buyers are well-documented: On-demand delivery and subscription pricing models mean less investment, less risk and much faster time-to-value, more frequent (and much-less painful) upgrades and new releases, and, better performance and scalability.

What hasn’t been as well-covered, though, is how cloud computing applications can solve core business problems. And what could be more core to business profitability than controlling non-payroll spending?

A closer look at the spending problem reveals several new solutions made possible by the rapid pace of innovation by cloud computing application providers and how those solutions make smarter spending an achievable goal for businesses.


Learn the New Metrics of Software Success

CEOs and CFOs are using new measures to gauge their business growth. Sand Hill Group’s new report, “Software CEO Outlook 2010: New Decade, New Realities,” surveyed more than 100 top executives to compile an insider’s perspective on the current software business climate, forecasts for the next 12 months, and the strategic shifts taking place at the C-level in terms of both metrics and mindsets. Click here to buy the report and get the must-know details on how to lead your software company to new growth as the industry emerges from the economic downturn.

Pricing is Marketing

Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures takes a look inside the Zendesk SaaS pricing debacle and underscores the importance of pricing strategy in this post to the Blog on SaaS.

The Great MDM Debate

Charles Greenberg of Data Foundations examines multi-domain master data management and the tradeoff between generalization and specialization in this post to the Blog on emerging markets.

Five Ways CFOs Can Make Cost Cuts Stick

Successes in cost cutting erode with time. Here's how to make them last. Read more in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

Selling to Crazy-Busy Prospects

Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies explores the challenges of capturing the attention of today's frenzied buyers in this post to the Blog on software sales.

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Quote of the Week

“These ideas that we're moving into a new mobile, social world - this is going to create more value and more capability for the industry than the last shift, which I kind of characterized as Cloud 1.”

- Marc Benioff of on moving towards a Cloud 2 era.

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