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November 6, 2006

Shai Agassi

Looking Forward with Shai Agassi

SAPís president speaks to about the future of enterprise software, his company plans for SOA and SMB, and how much you can learn from making mistakes.

By M.R. Rangaswami, Sand Hill Group

When Shai Agassi joined the management of SAP AG in 2001, it turned many heads. The German company had found its first non-German board member in the 34-year old Agassi, an Israeli native who was brought on board through SAPís acquisition of his fourth start-up, TopTier Software.

Since then, Agassi has continued to turn heads. Now president of SAPís product and technology group and executive board member, his efforts to push SAP forward have been well-received, including Duet (the joint offering from SAP and Microsoft), SAP CRM on-demand, SAP xApps Composite Applications as well as many other products and solutions. And Agassiís keynote on Business Process Co-Innovation at the Software 2006 address was one of the eventís highlights. spoke with Agassi about his views on the industry, SAPís plans and his advice for other software executives.


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Analyzing the Oracle-Red Hat Move

Everyone cringed when Oracle announced its low-priced support for Red Hat. Oracleís aggressive move exploited Red Hatís one-trick nature and the combination does not seem to bode well for the open source companyís future. Guy Smith of Silicon Strategies takes a closer look at why the deal happened and what it means for the open source space in this weekís post to the Blog on open source.

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