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December, 17, 2014
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2015: Software Licensing & Monetization Evolution

Ariella Shoham

Ariella Shoham
Sr. Director Marketing
Software Monetization

The software market has undergone fundamental change with the rise of virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS and mobile. These changes affect the way software companies do business, including licensing and monetization. This article looks at managing change in 2015, including leveraging cloud.

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Top 2015 Priorities for Actian, Intacct & NetSuite

Kathleen Goolsby

Kathleen Goolsby
Managing Editor

Actian, Intacct and NetSuite are setting the bar higher in addressing customer needs for the coming year. We asked these three heavyweights in the business software space what they’re investing in to help enable customers to achieve their desired business outcomes and gain a competitive edge.

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The IoT Gold Rush: Dig or Sell Shovels?

Peter Thorne

Peter Thorne
Managing Director

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a modern day gold rush. It offers a vision of new and better products and services delivered at lower cost. But who will make money? This article looks at examples and characterizes the entrepreneur’s “gold rush dilemma” — shall I dig for gold or sell shovels to the miners?.

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Dealing with Tech Change: 10 Tips for Buyers

Suresh Chandrasekaran

Suresh Chandrasekaran
SVP North America
Denodo Technologies

How can business software buyers cope with the high degree of change in technology over the next two years? This 2015 forecast article offers advice from several industry experts who are leaders in understanding the coming changes in software.

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Avoid Software Purchase Pitfalls in 2015

Paul Giurata

Paul Giurata
Managing Partner
Catalyst Resources

In the midst of a myriad of new technology solutions available as well as new pricing mechanisms, how can businesses avoid making mistakes in their software purchases? We asked six software experts for their opinions on the worst mistake business software buyers can make in 2015. Here’s their advice.

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2015 Tech PreReview: Alternative Biz Models

Shirish Netke

Shirish Netke
President and CEO
Amberoon Inc.

Hollywood has adopted plots for movies in which the audience can choose among alternate storylines to follow. This “PreReview” of 2015 presents a few alternative scenarios for the future of business models and software products at the end of 2015.

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What is the right license model for your business?

Duncan Jones VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Dave DiMillo, Principal Consultant at SafeNet discuss:

  • Price vs. perceived value
  • The importance of understanding WHAT you want to monetize on
  • Pros and Cons of various pricing models
  • Usage as the base for the model of your choice
  • Real life case studies
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November M&A Report

M&A ReportWhat are the recent software merger/acquisition trends? Download the November monthly report to find out, courtesy of Software Equity Group.

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