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Embrane Solutions Solve the Cloud’s Bottleneck for Greater Agility

John Vincenzo, VP, Marketing - Embrane

Cloud computing has evolved during the past year, but to truly benefit from its promise of faster time to service, some infrastructure changes need to occur. This article discusses the latest cloud trends and the cloud’s future.

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Acquia Says Open Source Helps Enterprises Thrive in Today’s Digital Disruption

Tom Wentworth, CMO - Acquia

Enterprises are adopting open-source software to achieve value. This article shows how open source addresses trends in evolving enterprise needs and gives examples of return on investment that enterprises achieve through open source.

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How to Enhance Traditional BI Architecture to Leverage Big Data

This Persistent Systems whitepaper explains how making incremental changes to conventional BI architecture as a part of a Big Data rollout strategy can benefit a company’s ROI.

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Investing in Enterprise Software

William H. Janeway, Managing Director, Senior Advisor - Warburg Pincus

The author of “Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy” discusses multiple challenges and opportunities for investing in enterprise software and how the SaaS model impacts investment economics.

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Ensuring Responsible Open Source Use with Software Audits

Lacey Thoms, Marketing Specialist - Protecode

Organizations rely increasingly on code re-use to keep up with customer demand and maximize quality. This article discusses how to reduce risks associated with intellectual property issues.