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11 July 2012
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Big Data Doesn't Cost Big Money

Fred GallagherCompanies investing in technology for Big Data face a major dilemma. Either they start small, with a traditional relational database and know that it will eventually require successive upgrades, or they make an incredibly expensive purchase just to get started. Here's why neither is necessary.

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Ready for Digital PR?

Sabrina HornPR has evolved into digital communications. For the CMO, that means big changes in how to engage audiences with market brands. Does your PR team possess the necessary multi-disciplinary skill sets?

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Journey of the Gurney

Malcolm Kushner“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” This professional boxing quote also pertains to business leaders. Humorist Kushner's real-life lessons from a terrible car accident are a must-read.

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Retention Matters

John HitchcockThe demand for top-tier software engineering talent sharply outweighs the supply in almost every market. Unfortunately many enterprises and tech startups choose the wrong partner because they don't ask the right questions.

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Webinar: Preparing Your Company for IPO – 6 Keys for Success


Thursday, July 18 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

Join a C-level panel for insights, tips and experiences in preparing your company for an IPO. NetSuite COO Jim McGeever will be joined by SolarWinds CFO Michael Berry, and LogMeIn CFO Jim Kelliher to discuss planning, executing and managing the IPO. Learn the 6 keys to establishing the strong financial management foundation that is critical for IPO success, with the flexibility you need to handle continued growth as a public company.

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White paper: The Enterprise Services Imperative for Technology Companies


Professional services and managed services are more important than ever before in the cloud-enabled big data and analytics world. In this paper by Waterstone Management Group, a strategic advisory firm to the technology and services industries, you'll learn:

  • Three reasons why technology firms need to pay attention to their PS/MS business
  • The right proportion of PS/MS for a tech company
  • Problems that hamper customer ROI and customer satisfaction and how to address these issues

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