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September 1, 2010

John G. SchmidtJoining the Integration Revolution

Software companies and enterprises will improve R&D success by admitting their addiction to hand coding and following a twelve-step program to recovery sustainable integration practices.

By John G. Schmidt, Informatica

Are you addicted to hand coding? You know that hand-coded custom point-to-point integrations are bad for you and in the long term always results in an integration hairball that is overly complex, consumes way too much of your maintenance budget, and is temperamental in operation. The production surprises may be the worst. These are data dependencies that no-one anticipated which jump up to impact your customers or suppliers to the point where it becomes a business crisis. In short, it knocks you off your feet and you can’t function and get your normal work done.

You know hand coding is bad for you, but you keep doing it. An addiction or compulsive behavior is where you do something not because you want to behave that way, but because you feel you have to.

The good news? By following a twelve-step program to recovery, software vendors and enterprises can adopt repeatable practices that will put the industry on track for an integration revolution.


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Alarming IT Data Points

Vinnie Mirchandani

Vinnie Mirchandani, author of The New Polymath and creator of Deal Architect, dives into the lousy ways tech vendors continue to treat their customers in this post to the Blog, Voice of the Customer.

Breaking Barriers

Guy Smith

Guy Smith of Silicon Strategies Marketing examines Google’s handset marketing strategy and sees trouble on the iPhone’s horizon in this post to the Blog Post on software marketing.

Private and Hybrid Cloud Architecture at eBay

Kamesh Pemmaraju

Kamesh Pemmaraju and eBay’s VP of Technology James Barrese looks at the differences between private and hybrid clouds and which can be more beneficial for enterprises in this post to his Blog, Leaders in the Cloud.

Retaining Key Employees in Times of Change

Many companies throw financial incentives at senior executives and star performers during times of change. There is a better and less costly solution. Find out how in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

Poll: Integration Revolution?

Can the software industry break its addiction to hand coding and embrace new sustainable integration techniques?
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  1. HP Launches ‘Cloud Start’ as Biding War for 3PAR Intensifies (International Business Times)
  2. Traditional Offshore Outsourcing on the Skids (
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The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: SaaS presence excels in small and mid-sized businesses.

VC Activity: Three VCs and Quattrone are set to reap the benefits of 3Par’s bidding war.

M&A Deals: IBM acquires Sterling from AT&T for $1.4 billion.

Executive Moves: San Francisco based Aravo named Robert Shecterle Vice President of Marketing.

Quote of the Week

“To better serve the needs of their enterprises, clients are asking us to help them become internal service providers with the ability to deliver applications through a highly flexible private cloud environment... With CloudStart, HP is enabling clients to optimize applications for private cloud computing today, while providing a platform for a comprehensive, open and hybrid environment in the future.”

- Senior vice president and general manager of Technology Services at HP, Gary M. Budzinski on launching Cloud Start, a simple solution to private cloud hosting.

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