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July 2, 2014
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Should You Adopt IT Operations Analytics?

Dave Wagner

Dave Wagner,
Director of Market Development

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions are emerging to redefine how IT operations maintain performance, availability, security and compliance. Although ITOA adoption is emerging in the industry, some companies question why they should adopt solutions. Here are five benefits of adopting ITOA.

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Product Development: Avoiding Startup Pitfalls

Kathleen Goolsby

Kathleen Goolsby,
Managing Editor

At, we’ve interviewed startup CEOs for the past four years, studying their lessons learned and advice for other startups. Product development held several pitfalls for many of the interviewees. In this article, CEOs discuss lessons learned and offer advice for avoiding those pitfalls.

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Prescriptive BI Requirements & Challenges

Howard Dresner

Howard Dresner,
President and Founder
Dresner Advisory Services

How different is prescriptive analytics from decision management? How does it differ from predictive analytics? The article discusses those differences, prescriptive BI’s challenges, the importance of data governance, and how to assess if your organization has an effective data governance program.

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