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April 30, 2014
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Critical Tasks When Preparing for IPO

Kimberly Odom

Kimberly Odom, Director - Vertical Marketing, Software Industry

Going public is a big step and a challenging task for a software company. The best practices presented here in several critical areas will benefit executives planning for an IPO in the future, looking to secure a final, large round of funding or hoping to be acquired by a public company.

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CMOs Can Improve Customer Experience after a Sale

Barry O'Sullivan

Barry O'Sullivan,

Marketing is disconnected from what is going on in a very important part of the sales funnel — the call center. Here are tips for CMOs to bring together the worlds of marketing and call center and deliver superior customer service.

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Tips for Optimizing Data Centers

Dave Wagner

Dave Wagner, Director of Market Development

The explosion of dynamic infrastructures makes it difficult for IT executives to manage and measure data center service delivery risks against the costs of ensuring service delivery. Here are six tips for proactively managing data center life cycle costs and risks.

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SaaS Marketplace: Coming Together to Foster Growth

Rhianna Collier

Rhianna Collier, VP, Software Division
Software and Information Industry Association

The SaaS marketplace is experiencing enormous growth. This article discusses integral parts of the ecosystem and how the players come together to foster and build growth.

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Web Services User Engagement Tips

Oleg Goncharenko

Oleg Goncharenko, Lead Sales & Marketing Specialist

Companies developing Web service apps are likely to face two big problems — losing potential customers and increasing their client acquisition cost (CAC) — because they seldom focus on a user engagement strategy. Here are three important tips for user engagement.

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April M&A Report

M&A Reports

What are the recent software merger/acquisition trends? Download the April monthly report to find out, courtesy of Software Equity Group.

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