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July 16, 2014
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Understanding & Reducing Customer Attrition

Carter Hinckley

Carter Hinckley,
Managing Director
Blue Ridge Partners

It’s critical that software and services firms better understand and reduce customer attrition, revenue growth’s invisible killer. Companies have achieved sizable reductions in attrition, significantly increased revenue and improved growth trajectories by following these five steps.

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IoT Standards War: Who Will Set The Rules?

Jeff Kaplan

Jeffrey M. Kaplan,
Managing Director

Established and newly created standards groups are seeking to set the rules for the Internet of Things (IoT) so the proponents of each group can gain a competitive advantage. How do you determine your allegiance in this tug-of-war? What are the challenges and what can we expect in the coming months?

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Technology Marketing: Tips for Achieving Synergy

Lyuba Lazarenko

Lyuba Lazarenko,
Head of Marketing

How can marketers make their content appealing and engaging? What makes a successful lead-generation campaign? What piece is often overlooked in technology marketing projects? This article discusses how to ensure synergy both inside and outside of marketing to turn marketing from expenses to revenue.

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Improving Cloud Storage Performance

Jay Kistler

Jay Kistler,
Co-Founder and CTO

Most cloud storage systems are packaged as monolithic appliances, built around a local cache and interface to the cloud through which all data and metadata flows. These appliances become a bottleneck once the network connection becomes full. Two keys to solving this problem are discussed.

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Software M&A Report

M&A Report

The downloadable 1Q 2014 report on mergers & acquisitions is now available, courtesy of Software Equity Group.

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"One big difference compared to the older method is that the SaaS tools..."


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Management by Metrics: Assessing the Performance of Your Subscription Business

Live webinar: Thursday, July 24th at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

Savvy CFOs know the best-managed subscription businesses rely on a core set of key metrics to improve performance and drive profitability. Is your financial software giving you the right visibility into the metrics you need to deliver optimal business performance?

Join Intacct and guest speaker Dave Key, Managing Director, Cloud Strategies, to learn how to capitalize on the power of "managing by metrics."

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“How do you Hadoop?” Webinar:  New Survey Results on Enterprise Adoption of Hadoop

When: July 24, 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

Who: Shirish Netke, CEO and President, Amberoon Inc., and Jim Hare, Senior Product Marketing Director, Actian Corp.

Don’t forget to register for this webinar, which presents new survey results on enterprise adoption of Hadoop and provides a timely update to research first reported in October 2013, surfacing both trends in Hadoop adoption acceleration and persistent friction points. 

The research results are complemented by an overview of the Actian Analytics Platform-Hadoop SQL Edition, which enhances and extends Hadoop for both discovery and time-sensitive analytics using next-generation capabilities:

  • Industrialized SQL in Hadoop
  • Parallelized pipelining
  • Data science workbench

Seminar attendees will be entered for a chance to win a complimentary copy of Sand Hill Group’s Big Data Report, "Do You Hadoop? A Survey of Big Data Practitioners", a $1,995 value.

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Coffee with Ray


Coffee with RayAre you getting your fix of actionable big data goodness? Last week’s thought leader at Coffee @ Actian with industry analyst Ray Wang was SandHill’s M. R. Rangaswami. They tackled business-critical issues around big data. If you missed it last week, it’s still available to listen to it now.



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