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April 27, 2016
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Interoperability Challenges in the Internet of Things

Rabih Nassar

Rabih Nassar

Interoperability challenges cause the failure to unlock 40-60 percent of the potential value across IoT apps. This article discusses where the market is headed with interoperability solutions and a cloud platform that reduces IoT deployment and support resources.

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Dresner Study: Cloud BI Key Trends and Plans

Howard Dresner

Howard Dresner
President and Founder
Dresner Advisory Services

Each year a survey by Dresner Advisory Services examines the importance that users associate with cloud business intelligence (BI). Now with five years of data tracking the market, it’s clear that there is a real sea change in attitudes toward cloud BI and it’s entering new territory.

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The IoT: What Most People Get Wrong

Ari Amster

Ari Amster
Director of Sales Channels

The possibilities the IoT brings as our lives become even more connected excite individuals and businesses alike. But a number of myths have cropped up, even among tech people. This article discusses how this affects perception of the IoT as well as its development and support.

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Ransomware: How it Works and How to Fight Back

Rick Delgado

Rick Delgado
Technology Writer

Part of the frightening aspect of ransomware is that it works much differently than other types of cyberattacks. A high-profile example of an attack occurred at a Los Angeles hospital earlier this year. This article discusses how ransomware works, why the trend is growing and what can be done to fight back.

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