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July 28, 2009

Mike Thompson

How to be an Extraordinary Leader

A new book explains the core principles that define the “Organizational Champions” who will successfully guide their companies through today’s complex marketplace.

By Mike Thompson, SVI

What does leadership mean today? It’s a term used often, in many contexts, to imply many qualities, that it’s tough to say what it means and who truly merits the distinction of being called a leader.

For example, what separates leaders most of us acknowledge as great such as Jack Welch, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohammad, or Moses from my adventure guide in Costa Rica or from my wife’s tennis team captain? They’re also considered leaders.

Everyone, it seems, qualifies.

We see leadership in everything—every competency, every project, every relationship. Behind every problem, there seems to be a leadership scapegoat. Leadership has become the abyss of all issues and is used to describe the progress made by any individual. The term continues to evolve in application and dissolve in impact. It no longer distinguishes, and yet we distinguish the term.

The consequence of lacking a clear definition of leadership, of course, is that without one we cannot recognize, train, cultivate, manage, or effectively follow the leaders we desperately need to guide our businesses in the most complex marketplace in world history. Without these leaders, businesses quite simply will fail to meet the unprecedented challenges they face. We need organizational champions to survive and to thrive today and tomorrow.


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Eliminating the Competition

Jon Fisher Jon B. Fisher looks at Adobe’s history of buying competitors to improve its market position in this post to his Blog on Strategic Entrepreneurism.

Using LOVE to Ride Out the Downturn

Bruce LaFetra Bruce LaFetra of Rubicon Consulting explains the advantages that the Lifetime Opportunity Value Equation (LOVE) model delivers in creating the strong customer bonds necessary to survive the recession. Find out more in this post to the blog on software marketing best practices.

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Parting Thought

“No executive has ever suffered because his subordinates were strong and effective.”
— Peter Drucker

Courtesy of Malcolm Kusher, The Kushner Group



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