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03 APRIL 2013
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Data Center Mobile Impact

Peter AuditoreMobile devices including BYOD, corporate-provided smartphones and media tablets are rapidly becoming a primary device for access to more than just email and texting. Asterias Research shares the results of a survey aimed at finding out how these devices will impact the data center.

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SaaS Online Communities

Stewart FlorsheimHow can SaaS providers benefit from collaboration within their user communities? Kenandy, Inc. discusses how online communities support the ease of use of enterprise SaaS solutions, such as cloud ERP, by giving users access to live, contributed information when and where they need it..

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Why Founders Flounder

Guy SmithWhat is it that causes the common startup CEO to tank his own corporation? Why do so many of them fail? Guy Smith, marketing guru, long-time contributor and author of “Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual,” discusses why founding CEOs kill startups.

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ERP Ecommerce Solutions

Atul GuptaInSync Solutions Ltd. provides ERP ecommerce solutions for online retail businesses. The company’s founder tells how SBOeConnect helps keep investments in multiple systems intact and efficient through integration, and gives advice on transitioning from a services company to a products company.

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Cloud Vendor Management

Darren CunninghamWhat is the impact of having a “cloud first” approach? What impact does the present rush to the cloud have on Finance and the people responsible for vendor management and procurement? Informatica answers these questions and others regarding cloud vendor management and procurement.

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Notable Quote

question mark icon“Apple could surprise us in the next six to nine months by emerging with … On the other hand, I think the stock market is telling us...”

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Entrepreneurs and Startups Event


Join NetIP for their 22nd Annual Conference located in the heart of San Francisco!  For the first time ever, the Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP) will be hosting a Fast Pitch Competition as part of this conference.

This event is designed to identify promising entrepreneurs in the NetIP community to help start new ventures or grow existing ones. If selected as a finalist, your team will have three minutes to pitch your idea.

Coaching and feedback will be provided by a panel of distinguished judges consisting of investors and senior business leaders.

Submissions are due by Wednesday, May 1, 2013, so enter today!

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