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Qualitia’s Scriptless Software Test Automation Accelerates Time to Market

Rahul Chaudhari, Managing Director, CEO - Qualitia

This “scriptless” software test automation platform eliminates programming as required by conventional automated testing. Thus it brings test automation close to an organization’s QA team, subject-matter experts and manual testers.

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Why Companies Increasingly Turn to Open Source Instead of Proprietary Vendors’ Software

Michael J. Skok, General Partner - North Bridge Venture Partners

Why is open source now a forethought instead of an afterthought? Here are findings of the 2013 Future of Open Source survey, including what’s on the horizon for open source, and the implications for buyers and vendors.

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Transformation of Corporate Software for a Connected World

Alan Harlan, General Manager & Executive Vice President - Symphony Teleca Corp.

Leading ISVs are using these best practices in working with product ideation partners to transform design development of corporate software.

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Vendor Neutral Archives in the Healthcare Setting Do Not Ensure Image Availability

Jim Beagle, President & CEO - BridgeHead Software

DICOM images and other critical healthcare data remain vulnerable to loss and corruption even when residing in VNA repositories. Read about an approach to VNA that protects against image corruption and data loss.

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Cloud Computing: Top Six Iterative Adaptations for 2013

Russell Hertzberg, VP Technology Solutions - SoftServe Inc.

Adoption of cloud computing is brisk and adaptive. Here are the important adaptations that will have the most significant impact on cloud in the near term.