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30 OCTOBER 2013
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Do You Hadoop?

M.R. Rangaswami

What’s happening with Hadoop adoption and implementation? Sand Hill Group recently conducted a survey of individuals directly involved in evaluating and implementing Hadoop in their organization. Twenty-six percent reported they’re in the process of developing their first Hadoop-based solution or currently conducting a formal proof of concept. This article presents three key findings on challenges and future plans.

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Hadoop without MapReduce

Ashish GuptaTectonic shifts have created an interregnum in the data analytics market, says Ashish Gupta, Actian CMO and SVP business development. He shares why Actian is well-positioned with its software-based Big Data platform that enables fast execution natively on Hadoop without needing MapReduce.

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Capturing Big Data Value

Chris KocherHow are Walgreens and Private Velocity Solutions capturing value in Big Data? Chris Kocher, Grey Heron founder and managing director, tells their stories, shares six key management questions for Big Data initiatives and tells how to avoid Big Data train wrecks.

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Hybrid Storage Cloud

Andres RodriguesThe discussion around concerns in migrating to the cloud has changed from security to price, says Andres Rodriguez, CEO of cloud storage provider Nasuni. In this article he discusses trends in cloud storage services and growth of hybrid cloud usage.

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Notable Quote

question mark icon"We’re trying to move as much of our... to the cloud. That’s going to be where we innovate first."


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Sand Hill Study on Hadoop Adoption


Sand Hill study on Hadoop AdoptionTo create a benchmark of exactly what is happening with Hadoop, Sand Hill Group in September-October conducted a survey of individuals directly involved in evaluating and implementing Hadoop in their organization. How they apply Hadoop, implementation challenges they encountered and the quality of their experience to date are revealed in our report published this week, “Do you Hadoop? - A Survey of Big Data Practitioners.”

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ServiceSourceActian Corporation enables organizations to transact, analyse and take action on big data. Actian is the first to unveil a cloud development platform for building Action Apps, lightweight consumer-style applications that automate actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian also incites action for 10,000 customers worldwide with Vectorwise, the world’s fastest and most cost-effective analytical database, and Ingres, the mission-critical OLTP database. Actian is headquartered in California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Melbourne. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.