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NOVEMBER 06 2013
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Google Glass Tops 2014 Wearable Tech Trends


In the first in SandHill’s series of 2014 forecast articles, Jon Fisher, CEO and co-founder of CrowdOptic, discusses how Google Glass will top wearable tech trends in 2014 and predicts that the Internet of Things will be the hot tech area next year. He also shares a video example of a recent use of Google Glass by the Stanford Men’s Basketball Team for their fans.

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Big Data Value Creation

Sanjay ShitoleSanjay Shitole, Trianz senior vice president, presents a set of questions and three key elements that create a framework for undertaking Big Data initiatives and avoiding BI traps.

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Govt Interoperable Data

Dana OshiroAs governments are asked to do more with less, efficient, interoperable data practices are empowering them, says Dana Oshiro, senior marketing manager, Code for America. She gives examples of how civic tech startups are meeting government needs and the transformative potential of standardizing data.

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IT Security Monitoring

Gaby FriedlanderSolutions that protect sensitive servers from security breaches originating outside an organization don’t provide protection from threats coming from in-house or contracted vendors. Gaby Friedlander, ObserveIT co-founder and CTO, discusses monitoring software that audits privileged user activity.

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question mark icon"As much as Cisco and Microsoft like to talk about their..."


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