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February 6 , 2006

Geoffrey Moore

Top 10 Innovation Myths

Software vendors seeking success need to push past the excuses, find differentiation and swallow this dose of business reality.

By Geoffrey A. Moore, TCG Advisors

If you are worrying about innovation, take heart. Only successful companies do. By contrast, unsuccessful companies either aren't around to do any worrying or are consumed with more pressing concerns, like meeting payroll or paying their bills. At the other end of the spectrum, venture-backed start-ups have lots of worries, but innovating isn't one of them--they actually worry more about not innovating, as in let's not waste our scarce resources reinventing wheels that others have already developed.

But you are not a start-up. You have some success, some momentum, and therefore some inertia, and it is the inertia that has you worried. By design inertia resists change. This is a good thing, as long as you are headed in a direction you want to go. But when the market changes, inertia acts against your future interests. Now you are right to be worried.

So you raise the topic of innovation in hopes of getting some insight. Good luck. My recent research leads me to believe that innovation, as a topic, leads the business writing industry in twaddle per page. With that in mind, let me dispel what, in David Letterman tradition, we might call the Top Ten Myths about Business Innovation:


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Bootstrap Your Business For Growth

Many software companies have achieved success before seeking the help of venture capitalists. James Quist built MedeFinance into a $5 million company before seeking outside investment. Quist offers three guidelines to bootstrapping a software startup in this week's post to the Blog on Software Finance.

Web 2.0: A Sea Change?

Is Web 2.0 anything more than a clever name for a conference? Tony Baer of onStrategies says Web 2.0 advances won't change everything but they will aggregate services that are more valuable than the sum of their parts. Read the analysis in this week's Blog post on New Era, New Thinking.

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Parting Thought

"Never innovate to compete; innovate to change the rules of the game."
-- David O. Adeife

Courtesy of Malcolm Kusher, The Kushner Group