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December 16, 2010

Deepa PrahaladFive Questions Software Companies Must Answer

The author of Predictable Magic explains why technology vendors need to forge emotional connections with their customers and how the effective use of design can improve connections and boost success.

By Deepa Prahalad

A recent contest from Mattel reveals how deeply people have accepted the role of technology in their lives.  When the public was invited to decide the profession of the next “career Barbie,” the Computer Engineer Barbie took top honors, winning over half a million votes.

In the space of a decade, the software industry has seeped into almost every category of consumer products, allows us to communicate, and augments almost every aspect of our business decisions.  However, as many startups have come and gone, and others have grown into huge global brands, it’s clear that succeeding in the technology industry requires more than innovative ideas.  Companies must forge emotional connections with their consumers and speak to them on their terms, and the best ones use design effectively to do so.


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Reputation Rehabilitation

Guy Smith

How does one shake off a bad reputation? One thing is certain, it won’t be easy as Guy Smith explains in this post to the Blog on Best Practices: Software Marketing.

Lead Nurturing Comes of Age: Where to Start?

Henry Bruce

As businesses continue to get acquired by big corporations like Google and Cisco, Henry Bruce, founder of Rock Annand Group, discusses how nurturing a small variety of leads can help speed things along in this post to the Blog on Best Practices: Software Sales.

The New IT Landscape for Health Insurers

A volatile new health care environment is emerging in the United States. These are times of trouble—and opportunity—for the payers’ CIOs. Learn more in this article from The McKinsey Quarterly.

Poll: Design for Success?

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  1. Apache Blasts Oracle, Quits JCP Over TCK (eWEEK)
  2. Federal Government Adopting Open Source for Data Center Consolidation (eWEEK)
  3. Cisco Wants Cloud Developers (Forbes)
  4. McAfee, Symantec Accused of Patent Infringement (SFGate)
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The Latest Software Business News on

All Headlines: China to Become Second Largest R&D Spender.

VC Activity: Workforce cloud software Cornerstone OnDemand raises $8.3 million.

M&A Deals: After losing 3Par to HP, Dell enters the cloud computing market with its acquisition of Compellent.

Executive Moves: Email security company eCert named Hilda Fonta Vice President of Technology.

Quote of the Week

“What is not new is that Oracle continues to violate and not honor the JSPA agreements, which are a foundation of the JCP. What *is* new is that the EC, by fact of their vote, has allowed them to do it... It is obvious that the JCP is not a standards forum, nor a community process at all, but rather a cabal to control the Java market.”

- ASF President Jim Jagielski explaining why ASF made its move.

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