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04 DECEMBER 2013
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Ex-Oracle & VMware Leader Shares Tips

Poojan Kumar

Poojan Kumar was nearing grandmaster level when he left his chess career for software engineering. His 12 years of software leadership includes co-founding Oracle Exadata, heading up data products at VMware and co-founding PernixData, where he now serves as CEO. In this article in SandHill’s series profiling software leaders, he shares how he approaches business leadership problem solving by applying chess strategies.

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2014 Big Data Ecosystem

Peter AuditoreDatabases and database management are the software areas that will experience the most change in 2014, says Peter Auditore, principal researcher, Asterias Research. He discusses changes including how ecosystems of solutions and service providers are evolving around inexpensive open source solutions.

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Social Analytics

Leslie AmentLeslie Ament, Hypatia Research Group’s SVP of research and principal analyst, reveals study insights including priorities for measuring the success of social analytics and intelligence efforts. She also gives an assessment on the approach organizations should take to enterprise social business.

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Startups Financial Advice

Arman KhaliliMany entrepreneurs’ personality traits or work styles can lead their businesses right into the red, says Arman Khalili, the chairman of Black Lotus and principal at Industry Capital. He shares how startup leaders can avoid financial missteps by being wary of seven mindsets.

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Notable Quote

question mark icon"So, is the future bright for Microsoft? I believe..."


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’s M.R. Rangaswami in the Spotlight


Arman KhaliliMR was featured in a December 7 Outlook Business article, “Paying it Forward.” The article is about how successful Indians in Silicon Valley are helping others get ahead. Check it out and see how many of these Valley leaders you know.

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