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June 1, 2011

Ram V. IyerEssentials for Selling Software to the Midmarket

Most suppliers wanting to sell to midsize companies make a fundamental mistake: they think there is one midmarket. Going to market with a “midmarket solution” won’t work; in reality, there are six different midmarket segments.

By Ram V. Iyer, The Midmarket Institute

In our work at The Midmarket Institute in facilitating collaboration and commerce among midsize companies and the companies that support them, we talk with a lot of midsize companies, their advisors and suppliers. It’s a misguided approach to think of “the midmarket” as a homogenous group of companies just because they fall within a certain revenue or employment range. This is simply a convenient reference point for salespeople and market researchers.

What follows is a description of the characteristics of the six types of midsize companies, along with my advice about avoiding the ”deadly duo” in selling to midsize companies, and tips for designing go-to-market approaches that are uniquely designed to fit midsize companies. I’ll also explain how the midmarket companies themselves are adding to the problem for selling to this market.


Exploring the Software Licensing Implications of Cloud Bursting

Jeanne Morain

Jeanne Morain of Flexera Software explains implications for both software vendors and enterprises using “cloud bursting” in this post to the blog, Software Monetization Best Practices.

Your Cloud Solution Won’t Sell Here

Glenn Gow

Glenn Gow of Crimson Consulting Group points out that the cloud’s value proposition differs in various geographies and explains how to position cloud solutions more effectively in various markets geographic market in this post to the blog, Best Practices: Software Marketing.

B2B Lead Generation – Buying Stuff is Easy; Fixing Problems is Hard

Jeff Ogden

Jeff Ogden of explains how buying marketing automation is like dieting and shares 10 steps that are a more effective way to achieve B2B lead generation in this post to blog, Best Practices: Software Sales.

Data Visualization - The Medium is the Message

Shirish Netke and Ravi Kalakota

Shirish Netke at Saama and Ravi Kalakota at Alvarez & Marsal discuss new visualization technologies that give actionable intelligence on data in this post to the blog, Voice of the Customer. In a separate post in this blog, they also discuss Practical BI – What CEOs Want from BI and Analytics.

Pay for Performance: A Marketing Ploy or a Real Strategic Advantage?

Natalie McCullough

Natalie McCullough of ServiceSource discusses whether or not the pay-for-performance pricing model is really a competitive differentiator in this post to blog, New Era, New Thinking.

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  • Turning Heads – Infy becomes a startup, Google fills Microsoft coffers, JustOne Database emerges, foolproof antivirus proceeds, and other recent software news.
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VC Activity: Android-apps-for-PC startup BlueStacks raises $7.6M.

M&A Deals: Jive Buys Microsoft Office Collaboration Plugin OffiSync For Up to $30 Million.

Executive Moves: New executives announced at Epicor, MarkLogic, Red Bend, Sophos and other software companies.

Quotes of the Week

Google’s Android seems the best thing that could have happened to Microsoft’s mobile efforts, ever.”

- Horace Dediu, Asymco’s Founder and Managing Director

While Microsoft still hasn’t explained how they’re going to integrate Skype’s rickety peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastructure with its server-based Lync server or its cloud-based Lync Online, it’s on their to-do list. What isn’t on MicroSkype’s to-do list is supporting non-Microsoft owned and controlled platforms.”

- Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet writer

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