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August 3, 2011

Martin BrowneERP as a Service: A Discussion of Cloud-Based ERP Considerations

Although SaaS can reduce some of the ERP implementation effort, it does not mean that the implementation is easier just because it is SaaS. SaaS ERP is still in infancy mode.

By Martin Browne, Skyline Consulting

Most ERP vendors today offer some sort of on-demand delivery solution for distributing and using their software. Not all of these models are true SaaS implementations and careful examination is necessary when evaluating ERP software in the Cloud. How the software is constructed and how it uses the various layers available in the cloud are important to achieving the benefits that come from true SaaS implementations.

Not all of an ERP vendor’s offerings today are based on models that are truly SaaS and not all are truly browser based. Some even require terminal emulation software. They do share an import feature of SaaS delivery. Rather than the traditional one-time license fee with yearly maintenance, the on-demand model requires a much smaller investment up front. These models can save you money, but not all of the true SaaS benefits are available.

This article looks at important aspects to help companies make the right choice for a SaaS ERP solution.


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Want a Better Customer Experience, Think Software Licensing:  Try the “Out-of-Box” Experience

Cris Wendt

Cris Wendt of Flexera Software says software vendors are often interested in improving software licensing as a way to improve customer satisfaction, yet they don’t always know where to start. He advises following a 10-step process. The principles are equally applicable for a SaaS solution as for an on-premise solution, he adds. Read the 10-step process in this post to the blog, Software Monetization Best Practices.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Objectives for Your Business

Debra Ellis

Debra Ellis of Wilson & Ellis Consulting discusses the negative impact when an objectives brainstorming session gets hit with a SWOT analysis or with social media factors and explains how to, instead, create objectives that are realistic, understandable, and measurable in this post to the blog, Best Practices: Software Marketing.

Enabling the Changing Nature of Software Revenue

Join us tomorrow in this NetSuite webinar on Thursday, August 4, 2011, at 11:00 a.m. PDT (2:00 p.m. EDT). During this interactive webinar, you’ll hear from guest speaker Amy Konary, who covers the software licensing and subscription businesses at IDC, on how the nature of software revenues are changing and the criteria to consider as your business manages this change. James Jones, VP Business Planning and Analysis at Kana Software, will explain how these changes impact the market and their business and how NetSuite helps facilitate this change. Lastly, you’ll hear how, for over a decade, NetSuite’s SaaS solution has enabled its business as well as hundreds of organizations to successfully manage their subscription-based businesses, including public SaaS companies such as Cornerstone OnDemand and SuccessFactors.

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Picking the Big Idea

Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant believes creative, entrepreneurial types of people are awesome idea generators, but creating focus can be challenging. Focus gives a better chance of chasing a dream personally or in the marketplace. Read her 10 steps for a fighting chance to ensure energy is directed to one’s dream in this post to the blog, New Era, New Thinking.

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Quotes of the Week

“Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the terminal of the current century. Enterprises are embracing the platforms in an aggressive fashion. It showcases the initial mistake that was made with this class of products where everybody figured IT wanted to manage it. What IT wants is to make use of these new platforms to manage other things. IT doesn't want any overhead, but they want this new appliance to be their window into managing their world. That's been the big shift we have seen in the industry in the last six months.”

- Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst at the Enderle Group

I don't see too much slowing them down.”

- Giri Cherukuri, head trader for Oakbrook Investments, referring to Apple

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