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Q&A with Gainsight on Driving Customer Success in Recurring-Revenue Software Companies

Nick Mehta, CEO - Gainsight

Through unique data science knowledge, visualization, workflow and integration with native CRM platforms, this solution drives measurable improvements in churn rate and up-sell velocity.

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Q&A with Web Analytics Company, ClickTale

Dr. Tal Schwartz, Chairman, CEO - ClickTale

Companies such as ecommerce, online retail, online travel, gaming and telecom can maximize the value of their websites with this solution that captures customers’ true-to-life experiences inside each page.

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Five Common Mistakes Enterprises Make with IT Outsourcing Deals

Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial Officer - IPsoft

More IT dollars are being spent on outsourcing, but many deals have disappointing ROI performance. Applying these procedures will avoid common pitfalls and lead to desired outcomes.

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Disruptive Solution Secures Data Anywhere, Anytime — Q&A with Ionic Security’s Chairman

Adam Ghetti, Founder, CTO and Chairman - Ionic Security

This cutting-edge cloud and mobile security solution disrupts the market with a security layer at the earliest part of the life cycle of data creation.

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Q&A with Decision-Management System Hexigo’s CEO

James Cattermole, Founder, CEO - Hexigo

This software drives teams to make decisions quickly and efficiently and also determines the quality of the decisions.