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11 DECEMBER 2013
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Enterprise App Store Tips

Mark SettleDoes an enterprise app store make sense for your business? BMC Software CIO Mark Settle says yes. He discusses the app security and updates control and shares tips for creating an app store.

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2014 Cloud Marketplace

Jeff KaplanThe cloud computing marketplace will change rapidly in the coming year, according to Jeffrey M. Kaplan, managing director, THINKstrategies. In this article he lists the 10 most significant changes he predicts for 2014.

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App Data Search

Will HayesHow, when and where can data-driven applications use enterprise search to turn millions of pieces of disparate data into useful insights, increased revenues or more beneficial outcomes? Will Hayes, LucidWorks chief product officer, offers a series of questions to help make those determinations.

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Mobile App Security Tips

Manjunath GowdaHow can BYOD-enabled enterprises mitigate against rogue, man-in-the middle attacks? In this blog, Manjunath M Gowda, CEO & co-founder, i7 Networks, explains how these infection vectors work and provides security tips for app developers to make sure apps are enterprise ready.

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