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June 25, 2007

Jeff Nick

EMC’s CTO: IT’s Next Inflection Points

Jeff Nick shares his company’s big-picture vision of the forces which shape enterprise computing today and explores next-generation opportunities for vendors.

By Maryann Jones Thompson, Sand Hill Group

Already one of the largest tech companies in the world, EMC has worked hard to engineer billions of dollars-worth of acquisitions over the past few years which have propelled it into an even more powerful and influential position. Its software presence is now significant – as is its participation in all of the various dimensions of IT – from storage to hardware to applications to security.

Jeffrey Nick, senior VP and chief technology officer for EMC, took the stage at Software 2007 last month to deliver a keynote address which took advantage of EMC’s big-picture view to deliver a glimpse of IT’s next set of advancements and opportunity areas.


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Open Your Mind

Erik Keller The next generation of enterprise computing is taking shape – not in the world of SaaS or even open source. Communities, mobility and the other new technologies of the young will redefine corporate IT very soon, according to Erik Keller of Wapiti LLC. Examine his must-read analysis in this week’s post to his Blog, The Software Critic.

The Six-Sigma Journey to Oblivion

The longer and more detailed the product specification, the more likely a truly innovative product is to fail. David Taber of David Taber + Associates describes strategies for quality marketing which lead to successful new products in this week's post to the Blog on innovation.

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Hear Plattner & Ballmer – and More!

Keynote speakers from Software 2007 are now available as podcasts. Visit the Software 2007 podcast site and download addresses from compelling speakers and panels from the event – and watch for more new podcasts next week!

News Update: Flexing their Power

Megavendor rivalry and turf protection are shaping the future of the industry; plus, OECD is down on offshoring and Oracle is up in databases. Read these stories and more software news of the week in the latest Software News Summary.

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